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"Breaking news" ;)



I'd like to say sorry because you didn't get any news from us for almost a year. So, I'd like to tell you a couple of things about our latest activities.

First of all, we're still working on the EP. We've already finished the bass guitar recording, so we could say that the instrumental part is finished. Let me take this opportunity to say thank you to Balázs Nagy for working on lead guitar and bass guitar part.

At the moment we're working on lyrics, after that we'll continue with the vocal parts. Furthermore, our current cover artwork is redesigned by the courtesy of Gábor Zoltán Kiss.

I hope, you know Närgaron isn't just music. Behind the music it has a completely own world with different landscapes, folks, languages. So we'd like to give a little slice of it to you. Unfortunately, the English translations of the direct backing story's and the couple of smaller stories' are stagnating. As well as the map of Land of Altorak.

We hope despite the difficulties we can finish the story of the Siege of Avenbarg soon.

Bass recording


It's been a while since we last wrote about the recording of our EP (Barthaurm daal Avenbarg [Siege of Avenbarg]). Currently we're recording bass, and after that only the vocals and the mixing and mastering will be left. We hope we'll manage to finish the work soon... :)

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Solo guitar preview


Barthaurm daal Avenbarg's (Siege of Avenbarg) solo guitar preview. Thanks for the guitar playing to Balázs Nagy (Astur).

New track! New Banners Are Rising!


We have made a video for "midi controller test" song. It has got a title, New Banners Are Rising.