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Närgaron band


The band was inspired by the imaginary world of a role play game of childhood. Its story has changed significantly and expanded over the years. In 2008/2009 its musical form also started to evolve/emerge. However, this matured in 2012, when the first non-official EP titled Barthaurm daal Avenbarg was made.

The current membership teamed up at the end of the year and the beginning of the new year. Since then they’ve been working to revive the world of Altorak.

We are considering our music complex. We call ourselves epic blackened fantasy metal. In fact, our music is a mixture of symphonic black metal, folk metal and medieval musical influences.



  • Jzsef Balogh - Rhythm guitar
  • István Vasvári "Eisarn Gairda" - Vocal & any other instruments


  • Rbert Ábrahám - Bass guitar
  • Lajos Gál - Drums
  • Mátyás Martinka - Keyboards
  • Bence Oláh - Keyboards
  • Bálint Südi - Horn (session musician)